Welcome To Our House - This website was created in order to educate, support and provide information to anyone wishing to learn about or understand what Down syndrome is. This website is completely dedicated to providing you with everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Down syndrome. When we hear the term "Down syndrome", we often think of information that is negative and quite likely out of date. If you are in need of current, up to date and positive information about Down syndrome, Welcome to our house. 

"Welcome to Our House" is the site that has information that was researched, learned and lived. The reality is, many sites out there have facts and information, but that's where they end. Here, not only will you find facts and information, but you will also find the reality. This site will be added to and updated regularly with information that you want or need to know. If there is something you are concerned about but cannot find it here, please feel free to message me at any time. 


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Please take your time, read the information, visit the links provided, take a look at my publications (which are always available for purchase through Welcome To Our House's on-site store) and allow me to share with you the information I have learned on this very special journey.

The information provided in and throughout this Web site is considered general information for educational purposes and is not a substitute or replacement for the advice of your physician. Please consult with a physician with respect to any medicalconcerns or questions you have. If you think that your child needs medical attention, please go to or contact your physician or nearest health care provider.