These are general places and companies which should be of help for all things Down syndrome.  For very specific website references or resources, please visit the Website Resources Menu item. 

Where can I physically go to get information about Down syndrome?
  • Local Genetics Clinics (usually part of hospitals, or your towns children's hospital
  • Local Down syndrome Parent Groups (usually these groups are put together by the local Down sydnrome assocation or organization in your area.  Sometimes local hosptials or genetics clincs will know of one or two).
  • Your Family Physican - although not always up to date, sometimes doctors can provide you with resources.  But I strongly caution people to weed through the information and the people providing it.  Not all doctors are up to date on Down syndrome!
  • Local School's Board of Education or Local School Board Trustee.  Each school board will have a special education section and resource teacher or staff member.  They should be aware of the most up to date resources and tools for Ds and Education.
  • Down syndrome Organization or Not for Profit Groups - Most major cities or Towns have a Down syndrome Organization.  Often they are your best bet for finding someone to speak to about Ds.  They also usually have New Parent Packages!
  • Speech Langague Pathologists, Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists
  • Early Intervention Services - In Canada, USA and the United Kingdom Early Intevention Services are FREE in home services which provide direct services to the child and parents.  These services include assessments and consultations designed specifically to help babies and infants reach their milestones as well as provide resources and services for the families.  In Ontario Canada, this service is called:  Ontario Assocation for Infant & Child Development.
  • YMCA Early Years Play to Learn Programs - Free Child Play Groups for Families to Network, often times these groups will have specialized groups for Down syndrome or other special needs.  A great way to meet other families.