What is Down syndrome?

There are so many questions, and usually coming from many places.

First..., Down syndrome IS NOT what you think!  Really.

Let's organize into sections, more appropriatly for who is asking.

1.  For Pregnant Mom (who has probably just gotten some news)

2.  For the New Parent (who just received a diagnosis)

3.  For the Friends and Family (information just for you)

4.  For the Public (good info for the rest of the world)

5.  For anyone seeking Information (general and medical)

6.  For Educators & Medical Providers (what you need to know)

Down to earth, realistic views from a parent, an educator, a person who has the "real" goods on the topic.  Non judgemental, real truths.

Perls of wisdom - If there was ever anything I wish I could have known, it was this: (Keep in mind, I would have had to have a visit from my future self to my past self - when I learned about "Down syndrome".)

"Number one... BREATH.  Number two... Down syndrome is not what you think, (it's not going to be bad).  In fact - your life is about to change, for the better.  And I promise, you will look back at this time and relish in astonishment.  You will wonder at the very least the following; "Why was I so upset?"  And the answer is;  "Because my dear, you are HUMAN!".  That's how we learn.  But all fear is a result of one thing.  The Unknown.  

So - what's the deal?  You're about to lessen your fears.  Get ready for some knowledge.  The real, but non Judemental kind.

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